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NBA GM Survey

The 2013-14 NBA GM Survey was released last week. All 30 GMs were given 56 questions to answer, but they were not allowed to select their own team or players. After winning two straight titles, the Miami Heat and LeBron James are popular picks. In fact, 75.9% of GMs voted for the Heat to win the NBA Finals, while 69.0% of GMs voted for LeBron to win the MVP again.

However, we decided to take a look at some of the more controversial picks that cannot be quantitatively justified. Our statographic below shows 10 of these questions. If you disagree with the GMs, tweet us your thoughts @statographics!

Click on the graphic to see the large version.



NHL Goals by Goalies


On Saturday, Mike Smith of the Phoenix Coyotes scored just the 14th goal by a goaltender during regular or post season play. The goal occurred with 0.1 seconds left in their 5-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings. He also recorded 31 saves. His goal makes him the 11th goaltender to score in a game. Martin Brodeur has scored three goals, Ron Hextall scored two goals, and eight other goalies besides Smith have scored a goal. Of those goaltenders, Smith was only the sixth goalie credited to intend his shot to score.