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Statographics to Speak at SXSW SXsports

Statographics cannot be any more excited to announce that founder, John Meyer, will be speaking at SXSW SXsports in March 2014. SXSW (South by Southwest) is a music, film, and interactive festival hosted annually in Austin, Texas. SXsports is new in 2014 and will be contained within the interactive and film components of the festival. While the entire festival runs from March 7 to March 16, the SXsports track can be found March 7 to March 9. According to SXSW, the new SXsports will “incorporate film screenings and panel elements, and touch on all aspects of sports through the SXSW lens of cultural impact, entertainment, innovation and the forward-thinking convergence areas of those respective worlds.”

Notable confirmed attendees include Bill Simmons of ESPN’s Grantland, Nate Silver of ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight, and Brian Kopp of STATS.

For more information on the content and attendees, you can check out this article on the SXSW website.

Be on the lookout for more to come!

Welcome to Statographics!

WHO are we?

Sports stats have hidden stories; we help you tell them.

We opened shop in the spring of 2013 and have already worked with organizations such as the MLB, Houston Texans, National Rugby League of Australia, and South Dakota State University.

Our parent company, Lemonly, has designed infographics for big brands like Marriott, Toyota, PepsiCo, United Nations, Dove, and Nike. Because we love sports at Lemonly, we decided to venture into the sports world with the creation of Statographics.

If there is a way to visualize sports data, we are on it!

WHAT is a statographic?

A statographic is a sports infographic. Whether static or interactive, we visualize data through the creation of statographics. Topics may include sports statistics as well as social media data.


WHEN are statographics used?

Statographics can be used to preview or recap seasons, games, and events. They can be created for every game in a season, or solely used for special events.

WHERE are statographics seen?

Statographics can be seen anywhere. Teams display them on their website and share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. One can only imagine the possibilities of where statographics can be placed. Media guides, video boards, and posters are other possible uses for statographics.

WHY should a team invest in statographics?

Geeks crunch numbers. Fans like visuals. Bringing sports to life through data visualization is more important than ever in this ever evolving sports world. Whether analyzing game statistics or social media data, consumers want a visual that tells a story, is easy to understand, and can be shared with their friends. Statographics create understanding, increase engagement, and promote your team’s message.

HOW can you contact us?

You can contact us in many ways.

  • Email us at
  • Call us at 605-956-3050
  • Tweet us @statographics

We LOVE to talk sports!